November 10, 2020
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Your Guide to Cleaning and Disinfecting The Inside of Your Vehicle

Cleaning And Disinfecting Guide - CSN 427 Auto Collision

Your Guide to Cleaning and Disinfecting The Inside of Your Vehicle

This year, it’s become more important than ever before to keep the inside of your car clean. Car cleaning is straightforward, even for automotive novices — but there are a few best practices that can be easy to forget, even if you’re experienced. Let's take a look at the most effective ways car owners can disinfect and clean their cars on a regular basis.

Cleaning Step-By-Step

It’s best to follow a few simple steps each time you clean and disinfect your vehicle — especially if you don’t have a cleaning routine of your own down just yet.  We suggest going the following steps the next time you disinfect and clean your car for the best results:

Interior Car Cleaning

Interior car cleaning is the first and easiest step you can take to sanitize your vehicle. It’s much easier than most people assume to bring viruses back into their vehicles, simply by using touchpoints. That’s why it’s so important to focus on cleaning your vehicle thoroughly and regularly. There are several best practices you can follow as a car owner to ensure you’re keeping your vehicle as clean as possible year-round.

Remove All Items

Even the cleanest folks among us have the occasional streak of untidiness. Extra items you lug around in your car are natural carriers of germs and unwanted bacteria. It’s a pain to get rid of your unnecessary things, but removing all items from your car beats getting sick and being unable to even drive. Take the time to remove all items from your car, thoroughly wash them and only put what you need back into your car.

Vacuum Surfaces

Cleaning the inside of your car with a vacuum is a great way to reduce damage to your vehicle’s interior. Cleaning vacuums also keep you hands-off during the cleaning process, so that you don’t risk contracting viruses by touching everything in your car.  Vacuums are usually pretty easy to get a hold of — any local chain of car washes or even gas-stations usually have you covered. Vacuum the surfaces of your car before you do more thorough deep-cleaning.

Sanitize All Touchpoints

Touchpoints on your car basically just refer to the parts of your vehicle you use the most.
Things like your door handle, sun visors, steering wheels and main console are just a few of the most-used parts of your car. Think about what you touch the most inside your vehicle and clean and sanitize accordingly.

You need to be extra vigilant about cleaning these touchpoints to have the cleanest and most sanitary driving experience possible.

Products to Avoid

Don't try to go crazy with the cleaning products you use on your car's touchpoints. The vast majority of car interiors respond well to a soap that's lathered up and rinsed. You can get rid of germs with this simple method, all while ignoring harmful bleaches and chemical-laden detergents (such as bleach and hydrogen peroxide). These materials often permanently damage the interior of your car and aren’t necessary to sanitize and clean your vehicle effectively.

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