September 21, 2020

Accident Guide

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Steps to Take After an Accident

1. Stay Calm take a few deep breaths and assess the situation. Offer assistance and give aid to the injured.

2. Call Police to ensure police presence is not required and obtain the location of the closest Collision Reporting Centre. Police will normally only come to the scene if:

  • There is an injury or any criminal activity is involved
  • A driver is uninsured or license is suspended
  • A vehicle contains dangerous goods
  • There is any private or public property damage
  • A service vehicle is involved in the collision
  • If damage is more than $2000 by law you have to file a collision report (see Collision Reporting Centers below)

TORONTO POLICE 416-808-2222

PEEL POLICE 905-453-3311

YORK POLICE 1-866-876-5423


3. DO NOT sign anything (i.e. tow bill or workorder) until you have spoken with your insurance company or dealership.

4. Exchange information with the other involved parties, including any independent witnesses (names, addresses, phone numbers, insurance companies, vehicle particulars, etc.). Download our Collision Checklist here.

5. Notify your Insurer to start the claims process.

Towing Information


• Never sign anything at the collision scene. It is your choice who tows your vehicle. Check with police for authorized tow firms and ask to see a rate sheet. CSN 427 Auto will cover tows within city limits.

• Beware of “Towing Chasers” if you choose to use a non-police authorized tow firm, the police cannot help you if you have problems with the tow firm or body repair shop.

Collision Reporting Centers (CRC)

Collision Reporting Centers are facilities where the public reports a collision to the police. If directed to a CRC you will have up to 24 hours to report the collision in the jurisdiction it occurred.

1.  North York Collision Reporting Center (416) 745-1600 - 113 Toryork Road, North York

2.  Scarborough Collision Reporting Center (416) 701-1600 - 39 Howden Road, Scarborough

Insurance Claims

If available, obtain a copy of the collision report and write down the accident number for your insurance company. DO NOT authorize repairs or rent a vehicle until you can confirm which costs will be covered.

CSN 427 Auto Collision is an authorized body shop for all major insurance companies and vehicle manufacturers. For our list of partners visit

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