March 14, 2022

What You Need to Know About Aluminum Body Repairs

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Aluminum is a popular car body material due to its strength, light weight, and durability. Although it’s popular, not every repair shop can handle aluminum body repairs. This means you need to be cautious when choosing a shop to handle your aluminum car body repair.

You cannot choose a good aluminum body repair shop if you don’t know what to expect. This article will tell you about the certifications to look out for and other relevant information you should know.

Tools for Steel Repair Cannot Be Used for Aluminum

Many people assume that since steel and aluminum are both metals, there is no problem with using the same tool to work on both. However, it does not work that way.

Good repair shops allocate separate tools for these two metals. They do everything possible to prevent the two from coming into contact. This is to avoid any form of contamination.

Even shavings or dust from a tool that is used for one metal should not come in contact with a tool that is used for another. This is because the two metals have a corrosive effect on the other. That means contamination can cause extensive damage.

For cutting and grinding tools, shops need to strictly adhere to this rule due to the high risk of corrosion. However, in cases where aluminum auto body repair tools such as sockets, screwdrivers, wrenches, and bars are used for steelwork, they must be cleaned thoroughly.

Body Shops Require an OEM Certification to Perform Aluminum Repair

Anybody who performs an aluminum car body repair needs to know the properties of aluminum and how it behaves when it comes in contact with certain materials. This is why they need an OEM certification to work on an aluminum car body.

A repair may require grinding, sanding, cutting, or sawing. This will generate dust.

The dust generated from aluminum repair work may be explosive if it is not handled with care. The certification will equip repair technicians with the skill to prevent a potential explosion.

Trained technicians will also know that they must prep the environment properly before they start a repair. This is even more essential if the shop also handles spraying. They must shut off exhaust fans and filters to make the place safe for the repair work.

Aluminum is an effective heat conductor and that poses a lot of risk during welding and other repair processes. An OEM certification will present a technician with all the skills they need to effectively handle an aluminum auto body repair. You should ensure that any technician you engage has this certification.

They Require a Separate Enclosure

If the shop works on both aluminum and steel cars, there should be a separate enclosure for aluminum repairs. This is because steel contamination can destroy the aluminum car body.

Why There Is an Increased Need for Aluminum Repair

Many auto repair shops are considering converting into specialized aluminum repair shops and the reasons are valid. Many luxury cars now have aluminum bodies and even some steel cars are now being converted to aluminum bodies.

This means there is an increase in demand for aluminum body repair shops. Since these repair shops require skilled technicians and aluminum auto body repair tools, it is ideal that there are shops that specialize in these kinds of repairs.

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