March 10, 2021

What It Means To Be A Certified Collision Centre

Certified Collision Centre - CSN 427 Auto Collision

A vehicle is a prized possession for many people. Something that they have invested heavily in, both financially and emotionally. Successfully maintaining a perfectly running automobile requires careful and dedicated work from a team of professional auto collision experts. The relevant training and experience such professionals possess is imperative for keeping your car running smoothly.

A certified and truly professional auto body shop such as CSN Auto Collision will maintain the highest quality of standards while working on your vehicle. Our team of skilled technicians are given access to the most advanced tools to ensure safety and professional auto body service standards of the highest level.

The Difference between Certified and Non-Certified Auto Repair Centers

A road accident can be a truly traumatic and frustrating experience — quite literally a shock to the system. Once immediate necessities such as health and legal processes have been tended to, you're left with the daunting task of getting your vehicle to an auto repair center as soon as possible.

Making the right decision at this stage is of great importance, and will ultimately determine your vehicle's future. While your immediate thought would be to get it to the closest repair shop, choosing a professional auto collision center that carries the right certification to work on your vehicle will result in the greatest outcome for you and your vehicle.

Cars and trucks are becoming ever more complex, year on year. As each manufacturer uses methods and components specific to their respective builds, automakers have increasingly restricted repair information.This means  that limited repair instructions are available to non-certified facilities, that often claim to be professional auto repair shops.

The last thing you want after an accident, no matter how minor or major, is the stress and hassle of dealing with an unprofessional and uncertified auto repair shop. You can be guaranteed a hassle-free service and repair by looking out for a certified auto body shop.

CSN 427 Auto Collision and CSN Avenue Collision  — A Step Above The Rest

CSN 427 Auto Collision | Avenue Collision are examples of truly certified professional auto body repair centers, with technicians who have received specialized training. Our team members undergo regular training to ensure they're kept up-to-date with the specifications and technical processes of repairs on the brands that have entrusted us with their certifications.

Having a factory-certified auto body shop like CSN 427 or CSN Avenue repair your vehicle means that the repair is done the right way for your car’s specific model, all while following the guidelines set by the automobile manufacturer.

These certifications also mean that our partners have inspected our repair techniques and the quality of our working environment. They have verified that we are a professional auto repair shop that has met their expectations and industry standards.

Our Certifications

CSN 427 Auto proudly wears the title as the only certified professional auto service provider in Canada to be supported by sixteen renowned international automobile manufacturers ranging from high-performance exotic cars like Lamborghini, the European luxury segment such as Porsche and BMW, the Japanese domestic market and fully electric car manufacturers such as Tesla.

CSN 427 Auto is also the very first professional auto body service shop in the country to be certified in both steel and aluminum body repair. It is proud to present itself as a one-stop-shop for the best auto service experience for you and your valuable automobile.

When you are looking for a collision repair centre for your well-loved vehicle , CSN 427 Auto & CSN Avenue Collision have got you covered. We are immensely proud to provide the residents of Toronto with exceptional car repair services since 1965.

To speak to one of our specialists and for more information about our services, call us now at 416-259-6344 or 416-923-8031 or book an appointment using your convenient form.

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