January 11, 2021

Know Your Rights: Choosing a Repair Facility

Choosing a Repair Facility - CSN 427 Auto Collision

Know Your Rights: Choosing a Repair Facility

When it comes to any kind of work on your automobile, selecting the right car repair shop to undertake the restoration of your pride and joy is key to having peace of mind. To many, a car is more than just an object. Your vehicle is an investment and a source of pride. As such, it’s crucial to ensure that any mechanic near you is certified to repair your car back to factory specifications.

However, with many car repair shops popping up — all claiming to offer quality and all-inclusive services — selecting the right establishment for the job may prove to be tricky. And when it comes to an auto body shop, the potential risk of choosing the wrong one may spell disaster for both you and your car.

Why It’s Vital to Trust The Specialists

When it comes to auto body shops, getting the right vendor to attend to your job is critical. Just as you wouldn’t go to an eye surgeon for a heart complaint, you’d be best served not going to just any auto repair shop for jobs that require a bodywork specialist.

For quality recommendations, ask your insurance provider about their partner repair shops, they will likely be able to provide you a list of approved shops, and may even guarantee the job. CSN 427 Auto is an approved shop for all major insurance companies, our facility is happy to coordinate with your insurer throughout the repair process.

When it comes to auto body repairs, the slightest error in preparation or application will have run-on effects for years to come. The importance of having a team of qualified professionals, using the right equipment and methods, is vital for a finish equal to that of when your car left the factory.

Experience Counts

Many car repair shops claim to have the expertise to repair your vehicle back to factory specification. But when it comes to even the simplest of body repairs, years of experience count in maintaining factory fitment and finish. While it may be easy to get results that look good in pictures, the reality can be quite different in-person.

Under scrutiny, imperfections can surface — and over time, blemishes can develop due to inadequate preparation. When it comes to pre-work prep, cutting corners is the number one reason for poor paintwork and general bodywork imperfections.

Another factor to consider is that auto body repair requires highly-trained technicians to get the job right. The complex nature of how modern cars are manufactured — with continually evolving materials, paints, and processes — means that having an experienced team behind the scenes is crucial for perfection.

Experience is also advantageous when it comes to the vital art of estimation. It stands to reason that the more years an auto body shop has spent surveying accident damage inside and out, the more accurate any ensuing estimate will be.

When selecting a bodywork specialist for any repair, whether it be big or small, it pays to look at both their years of experience and their certifications. This will undoubtedly go some way in getting rid of any fears when it comes to entrusting one of your most valuable assets to a team of mechanical surgeons.

Keeping Up With The Trends

As the technology surrounding car repair is continuously evolving, body-shops must continue to keep up. For example, aluminum and carbon fibre are far more prevalent in modern automobile manufacture than they were a decade ago. Mercedes-Benz is one such company that has pioneered aluminum in their cars, with the latest SL using an all-aluminum body shell.

Meanwhile, crash safety and critical technological advances mean that what could typically be repaired in one fashion can no longer have the same approach in a modern vehicle. This is especially important for occupant safety and is something that reputed and experienced auto body shops will keep in mind when assessing the feasibility and approach of a car repair.

To keep abreast of all these critical and continuing changes, significant investment is needed in infrastructure, equipment, and training — the kind of outlay that not all smaller, less established players have access to.

One sure-fire way to assure yourself of a quality repair conforming to the latest standards is to check their accreditations and partnerships. If a mechanic near you is authorized to work on the latest from brands such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Tesla, then the chances are they’ve undergone a process of rigorous scrutiny.

A Trusted Auto Body Shop

In the event that you require the services of a car repair shop, you can rest assured that our team at CSN 427 or CSN Avenue will have your vehicle back on the road in no time. With a track record of extensive investment in the latest facilities and training, our experts are trained to tackle all manner of jobs. We are also proud to boast certifications from top car manufacturers, as well as accreditations from CSN (Collision Solutions Network), ISO 9001:2015 and I-CAR.

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