June 6, 2023

So You're in A Car Crash: What Now?

Dealing With A Car Crash - CSN 427 Auto Collision

We’ve all been through it - the loud crash of metal on metal, the feeling of being jolted out of your seat belt, and then an eerie stillness. Car crashes are scary experiences and often have profound consequences. But what do you do now? Knowing what to expect after a car crash can help you be more prepared to handle the situation.

When it comes to assessing auto damage, there are two kinds of collisions - low-speed and high-speed. Low-speed car accidents usually involve minor body damage such as dents while high-speed crashes result in more structural damage and alignment issues.

Dealing With Low-Speed Car Crashes

If you’ve just been involved in a low-speed collision, the steps you should take will depend on how significant the auto damage is. If it's minor, your best option is to exchange information with any other involved party and leave everything as is until you can get back to the safety of your driveway for further inspection. If the collision has left any noticeable bodywork damage such as dents or cracks, take pictures and document the accident scene with witnesses present if possible, exchange insurance information with any other drivers involved and report any details to law enforcement if necessary.

In terms of repairing your vehicle, it's your choice where you take your vehicle, your insurance company and dealership can provide you with their recommendations. Check online reviews from previous customers so that you know how reliable the shop is before committing to anything.

Dealing With High-Speed Car Crashes

When facing a high-speed collision, most cars end up suffering extensive auto damage because there's so much force involved when cars collide at high speeds. Safety systems like airbags may deploy which can cause further destruction inside a car’s interior while many mechanical components like engines can become bent or broken beyond recognition making it difficult (if not impossible) for them to be repaired back into their original state.

In addition, if you are going through insurance your insurance company may decide to write off your vehicle due to the high costs of repairs. You can negotiate with your insurance company on this, our team of experts at CSN 427 Auto has plenty of experience and will help you with this process.

At the end of all this, knowing the extent of repair work that needs to be done ASAP is essential for having one’s vehicle running smoothly again so don’t wait — call CSN 427 today! And remember — stay safe out there on the road.

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