September 8, 2021

Overview: Career Opportunities In The Collision Industry!

Career Opportunities In The Collision Industry - CSN 427 Auto Collision

Picking a career is never an easy choice. After all, you will likely spend the rest of your life in the trade. So, why not pick the one you enjoy?

For those that enjoy being around cars, the automotive repair industry is a great career choice. Not only are you around cars 24/7, but you can even work on or fix them. To help you get started, we have the rundown on the top three automotive repair careers.

Auto Body Technician

Auto body technician is a trade choice ideal for individuals that are hands-on and creative. Technical skills in repairing and restoring the vehicle’s structure and finishing are required. But this can easily be learned in a trade school.

Most auto body shops require some form of certification, degree, and/or experience when hiring an auto body technician. The program length varies between six months to two years and provides theoretical and practical training.

A technician requires the following skills:

  • Critical thinking: To assess the damage to the car to determine repair work needed and cost.
  • Customer service: Communicate and work with customers, who are usually frantic after an accident.
  • Detail-oriented: Have a keen eye for detail to restore cars to their original state after an accident.
  • Dexterity: Hands-on job that requires the hands to work on small parts within the car.
  • Technical: A wide range of tools and equipment are used in the assessment and repair process.

In Canada, the salary of an auto body technician ranges from $46,000 to $68,250 per year, depending on the years of experience. It is a field that continues to grow.

Automotive Painter

Automotive paint is not as easy as painting a house. It requires technical knowledge and experience. Automotive painting requires prepping the body of the vehicle first before the process of painting begins. This process is taught at many trade schools and community colleges in Canada.

Automotive painters prepare the exterior surface of the car and apply paint to it. Their jobs include:

  • Removing car accessories
  • Masking trims and glass
  • Cleaning and sanding surfaces
  • Applying primer, synthetic enamels, and epoxy with spray guns
  • Painting the vehicle

In Canada, the salary of an automotive painter ranges from $42,000 to $56,300 per year, depending on the years of experience. The work is not as technical as auto body technicians and therefore, doesn’t require as extensive training and can easily get by with short-term certifications.

Automotive Customer Service Representative

The automotive customer service representative serves as the liaison between the auto shop and its customers. The rep communicates the costs, work needed and serves as the main point of contact through the whole collision repair process. They supervise all deliveries and ensure that everything is in order before delivery.

The level of education required for this particular career varies from high-school education to Bachelor’s degree. Since the job doesn’t require as many technical skills, some auto shops don’t require a university degree. However, automotive customer service reps do require the following skills:

  • Communication: Exceptional skills in speaking and written correspondence, the ability to explain automotive processes and procedures to customers.
  • Problem-solving: Quick thinking and being able to handle tough clients and their problems.
  • Patience: The ability to deal and listen to clients that are angry from time to time without losing their cool.

In Canada, the salary of an automotive customer service rep ranges from $26,000 to $37,000.

Career Opportunities

The collision repair industry has numerous opportunities for anyone that either enjoys working on or being around cars. You can easily turn your love for cars into a career. All you have to do is decide on whether you want a job that is more hands-on and technical or prefer a mix of working with cars and people.

CSN Collision Centres can help start a career in the collision industry with a one-of-a-kind apprenticeship. No matter which career path you choose under the collision industry, our program can serve as your stepping stone into the industry.

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