October 8, 2021
Auto Body Repair

How Repair Has Changed

Innovative technology In Repair - CSN 427 Auto Collision

As car technology has evolved, so has automotive repair. Repairs that once required hands-on work can now be fixed via computer, through mainframe resets. But even that can be complex and requires a technician in order to be completed properly.

Innovative technology brought with it a positive change in the automotive industry. Cars are now more reliant on technology than ever before and while this pleases most consumers, it also makes repairs more technical. The slightest mistake when attempting to perform repair work can result in the car completely shutting down.

In this article, we look at how the body shop industry has changed its approach to vehicle repair as vehicle construction and refinishing advanced through the years. Read on to learn about what to expect the next time you take your car in for repair work.

Vehicle Construction

Car manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to improve vehicle construction. Along with construction, they are incorporating more technology to provide better mileage and user experience. Car manufacturers are doing the following:

  • Using Multi-Material Construction: The method of construction fuses two or more materials to provide a durable end product. Car manufacturers commonly fuse steel and aluminum, which is used for the vehicle's body. The material is durable, lightweight, and minimally corrosive.
  • Manufacturing Self-Driving Cars: Manufacturers are looking for ways to improve user experience and an innovative way to do that is with a self-driving car. Cruise-control is now a thing of the past with self-driving cars such as Tesla making waves. They allow drivers to take a backseat and use various types of sensors such as sonar, radar, and GPS to navigate the roads.
  • Protecting the Environment: More consumers are aware of the benefits of hybrid and electric cars. Both utilize technology that either no longer requires the use of fuel or reduces emission if fuel is required. Such cars benefit the environment and help consumers save money on fuel costs as they improve mileage or rely solely on electricity, which costs less than fuel.  

Vehicle Refinishing

Paint is the key component when it comes to vehicle refinishing. Back in the day, paint was applied by hand. Now, the painting process is automated to make it more efficient. The process is not the only thing that has changed, as paint itself is more complex nowadays.

Base coats today come in various looks and formulas. You will find most cars use solid colours but there are also paints that change colour depending on the angle from which you see them. Manufacturers and consumers have a lot more options available to them today than ever before.

Our Equipment

For top-notch vehicle construction repair and refinishing, you need the latest equipment. When it comes to collision repair and paint refinishing, Symach technology is top of the line, and skilled technicians familiar with aluminum work are a must.

Symach is considered to be one of the most innovative spray booths in the market. It comes with a spray booth, UV lamps, a drying robot, and a paint mixing room so you get the perfect blend and application of paint on your vehicle.

Manufacturers use a mixture of steel and aluminum in the body and you need tools specifically designed to reshape the body in case of collision. Whether it is something as simple as a dent or replacing a part, technicians experienced in using the latest tools are critical.

At CSN 427 Auto Collision, we house one of the biggest Symach paint workshops and have experienced technicians for all your vehicle construction and refinishing needs.

Trust Our Certified Vehicle Experts for Your Repairs

As car technology has advanced, so has repair work. Tesla owners, for example, know that they can’t just go to anyone for repair work. They need Tesla-approved technicians who are familiar with the vehicle’s technology, otherwise, they run the risk of ruining their car.

Here at CSN 427 Auto Collision, we use innovative equipment to ensure your vehicle gets the care it needs. Call us at 416-259-6344, connect with us online or reach out to book an appointment with CSN 427 Auto Collision or CSN Avenue Collision Centres.

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