If you are a Tesla owner, you probably know that your vehicle is designed to be one of the safest on the road. However, auto collisions and motor vehicle accidents can still happen and when they do, it is best to bring your Tesla vehicle to a reliable facility. At 427 Auto Collision, our certified technicians are Tesla-authorized and qualified to restore your vehicle.

Leading Tesla Auto Body Shop

As a Tesla Approved Body Shop, 427 Auto Collision is proud to be one of the leading Tesla-certified auto body shops serving the Greater Toronto Area. Our technicians are trained and equipped to rebuild all Tesla models to original vehicle specifications for structural integrity and quality of finish.

Tesla Approved Body Shop

The Tesla vehicle body structure design incorporates advanced structural aluminum casting, extrusion and stamped panel technology, combined with the latest aluminum welding and adhesive bonding. 

Our technicians are trained to perform prompt and thorough restorations of all Tesla vehicle platforms such as steel, aluminum chassis and body and multi-technology systems including carbon fibre, magnesium and steel. They are highly proficient in aluminum welding. As we are Tesla-approved, the only parts we use to restore your vehicle are original and authentic Tesla components. Whether you are the owner of the iconic Tesla Model S, Model X or Model 3, our collision repair experts have you covered.

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