March 11, 2024

Three Myths about Car Repair After an Accident

After an accident, it's natural to be overwhelmed and confused. Even experienced drivers are often unsure of what they should do next when dealing with car repairs after a crash. Unfortunately, there's a lot of misinformation out there that can lead you down the wrong path, so it's important to know the facts before deciding how to proceed. Here are three common myths about car repair after an accident!

Myth #1: Tow Trucks Will Automatically Go to the Best Shop for You

This myth couldn't be further from the truth. Tow trucks may take you to any shop they get business referrals from, but that doesn't make it the best choice for your vehicle. It is entirely up to you where your car should be taken for repairs. Sometimes, tow truck drivers may even suggest a certain repair shop in order to receive commission or kickbacks. Make sure you are informed of all of your repair options before signing anything!

Myth #2: The Insurance Company will Cover All of My Car Repair Costs

Many policies will only cover actual damages or replacements needed due to the collision – not previous damage. Be aware of what your policy covers, our team of experts have plenty of experience in dealing with insurance companies and will negotiate on your behalf. Be prepared to pay your deductible, which in many cases is a flat rate of $500 or $1000,  our team will check with your insurer beforehand and let you know!

Myth #3: I have to Use My Dealership's Preferred Repair Shop

It is not required that you utilize your dealership's preferred repair shop. While some dealership's may recommend a shop as part of their service contract, it is ultimately up to you which collision center works on your vehicle. If a certain shop has better ratings or customer reviews than another, don’t be afraid to look outside of your dealership's network for help!

Car repairs after an accident can seem like a daunting task — just make sure that you separate fact from fiction and do plenty of research before entrusting someone else with your vehicle! By following these three tips and staying informed on what conditions and services need repairing, you'll be able to drive safely away in no time at all.

If you are looking for quality repair services for your car after an accident, contact CSN 427 Auto today. Our experienced team of technicians will work with you to make sure that your vehicle is in the best condition possible, so you can drive safely and confidently on the road again.

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