June 10, 2022

Most Common Car Problems After Rear-End Collisions

Common Car Problems After Rear-End Collisions - CSN 427 Auto Collision

Rear-end collisions account for a quarter of the accidents that occur. These accidents can cause varying degrees of injury and damage to vehicles.

Unfortunately, some of the problems a vehicle develops after a car accident rear-end collision are difficult to detect. Others may also seem unimportant but can be dangerous when left unattended.

Dented trunks, damaged frames, suspension issues, and hidden electrical issues are some of the problems that need to be addressed.

While damage from a rear-end collision can go undetected and cause future problems, awareness of possible issues can help mitigate future headaches.

Damaged Frame

Damaged car bumpers leave frames vulnerable to impact. When there is an impact, the car frames often get bent.

A bent frame may go undetected. It may also be the culprit if you notice that your alignment is off or hear a rattling noise.

Frames are often weakened during extreme rear-end collisions, and they pose a threat to passengers and the vehicle.

Dented Trunk

Depending on the angle of impact, your trunk may get damaged after a rear-end collision, but the damage may not be obvious. Some problems are easily detectable - difficulty opening the trunk or the trunk opening unexpectedly - but other trunk issues may not be so obvious. Seal and moisture issues or lock mechanism issues can cause problems.

Cracked Rear Windshield

A cracked windshield may be the least of your problems when your vehicle suffers a rear-end collision, but it requires attention too. A damaged rear windshield can affect the structure of your vehicle, and cause the roof of your car to collapse if you are in another accident.

Suspension Issues

Alignment or suspension issues can change the way your car moves. If you are in a car accident rear-end collision and notice that your vehicle pulls to one side more, or has unstable steering, or unusual vibrations, you may be experiencing alignment issues.

These issues can affect and wear out other parts of the vehicle, such as suspension, brakes, and tires. You will be visiting an auto care collision centre more often and may also be putting your passengers at risk if you leave the problem unattended.

Broken Taillight

A broken taillight after a rear-end collision is common. If the only thing that is damaged after this type of accident is your taillight, you should consider yourself fortunate!

Thankfully, this damage is easy to fix. An auto care collision expert can easily repair or replace the taillight quickly and at a minimal cost.

Hidden Issues with Electrical Components

Your vehicle’s electrical system can be affected by even a low-impact collision. It can disrupt the wire connections, causing them to loosen over time.

The loose connections can also affect your taillight, sound system, and brakes and even cause the battery to die unexpectedly.

We’ll Get You Safely Back on the Road

Your vehicle may look fine after a collision but do not take chances. Making casual inspections and assuming your vehicle is in proper driving condition can pose a risk to you and cause permanent damage to your vehicle.

So after a car collision, what to do? Get your vehicle repaired by experts who know the kind of inspection and repair that should be completed after a rear-end collision.

At CSN 427 Auto, we have the right equipment and experience to complete quality repair work. We will detect and repair the damage so that you can safely get back on the road.

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