August 6, 2021

Clean Mobility

Clean Mobility - CSN 427 Auto Collision

Climate change is a pressing issue every industry is trying to tackle. The automobile industry has become aware of the contributions of greenhouse gas emissions that occurred from driving gas-guzzling cars. It is for this reason changes are being made. With evidence-based science being available to the industry, automobile manufacturers have a better understanding of the impact their vehicles have on the environment.

The adoption of clean mobility with hybrid and EV technology that reduces CO2 emission is a practice many companies have begun to implement. As with any new technology, there are questions about how the technology works in addition to the question of why this advancement is considered to be clean energy.

Understanding Hybrid and Electric Technology

You will find more hybrid and electric vehicle options in the market today than ever before. The reason for this growth is that manufacturers and buyers are more aware and conscious of their potential environmental footprint. Let’s look at how hybrid and electric vehicle (EV) technologies work.

Hybrid: The hybrid vehicle is powered by an electric motor and an internal combustion engine. The electric motor is powered by batteries whereas the engine is powered by fuel. The battery-powered motor reduces the amount of CO2 emissions as it works by overriding the need for a fully fuel-based engine.

Electric: The vehicle runs on an electric motor fueled solely by its battery pack. There is no need for fuel to drive the vehicle so there is zero direct emission. The mileage you get per electric vehicle varies, but a simple recharge is all that is needed to drastically reduce your CO2 footprint.

Why Clean Mobility Technology Matters

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a car running on gas emits around 11,000 lbs of CO2 annually compared to a hybrid which emits 6,000 lbs, and electric at around 3,000 lbs. an electric car emits almost 75% less CO2 than a gas-powered car. The reduction of environmental toxins and damage to our planet can be tremendously reduced with the simple switch to vehicles with clean mobility technology.

Upgrades to Clean Mobility

Hybrid cars may still be a means of clean mobility but more conventional options are running on internal combustion engines. Car manufacturers are looking towards innovative technology such as all-electric and solar-powered vehicles to constantly be improving the footprint while staying ahead of the competition. This is a win-win for you, the consumer.

Tesla is one of two company’s leading the way in these conventional technologies. Tesla is known as the trendsetter in clean mobility with its line of all-electric sedans and SUVs. Lightyear One is the other modern clean-mobility hero with its introduction of solar-powered vehicles.

Tesla’s electric cars reduce your CO2 footprint with the use of a chargeable battery while Lightyear One prevents harmful emissions with its solar power engine. With these two innovative companies disrupting the industry, more historical manufacturers such as Toyota, Honda, and Ford have started producing electric cars while additionally exploring their options for solar technology.

Let Certified Experts Take Care of Your Hybrid and Electric Cars

More manufacturers continue to invest in hybrid, electric and solar-powered vehicles. With this increased production and demand, there is a need for trained professionals to care for these automobiles. Contact the automobile repair experts in clean mobility vehicles at CSN Collision Centres by phone at 416-727-5066 or book an appointment online.

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